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Sit on my Interface

As a child, I was very young...

abnormal psychology, absinthe, alex grey, alice, alternate realities, american mcgee's alice, antique books, arcturus, astral projection, autobiographies, baudelaire, be here now, bibliophilia, black metal, blasphemous art, blasphemy, bloody things, bruises, burzum, catholic school girls, claymation, clergy porn, cognitive science, coincidence, collective consciousness, conversations with god, cosmology, countess bathory, dante's inferno, death, death anxiety, death art, der todesking, dissociation, dreams, dying, edward gorey, erzsebet bathory, faust, fear of death, freddy krueger, frimost, gems from the equinox, graveland, guro, gustave dore, hermetic studies, hierophilia, horror, inner demons, joe coleman, jorg buttgereit, josef mengele, keys to the kingdom, life after death, lucid dreams, magic the gathering, maniac mansion, marijuana, medusa, morbid art, morrowind, ndes, near death experiences, near death studies, nekromantik, neuroscience, neurotheology, nigel wingrove, nsbm, nun porn, nuns, nunsploitation, obes, occult studies, orion, other dimensions, paranormal studies, perversity, pocahontas, psychological horror, psychopathia sexualis, quantum physics, ru-486, sanitarium, schizophrenia, secret teachings, silent hill, sin eaters, sistermaryfuck, speculation, stu mead, synchronicity, taboo, thanatology, the afterlife, the crying orc, the exorcist, the subconscious mind, the thule society, twin peaks, twin souls, uncensored, unconditional love, vlad tepes, waking life, woodcuts, yggdrasil